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Improve yours and your family quality of life! With the purchase of a family package, you receive a 20% discount on individual tests, valid from 3 exams onwards per group.

Applying the terms and conditions of the individual tests.

The Emotional DNA test can be applied in users who have a minimum age of 13 years, however, the purchase must be made by an adult and must attach parental or legal guardian authorization for minors.

1. Natural predisposition to healthy habits:

⦿ Body: timing, reflexes, agility, nutritional order, preventive self-care, violence tendency control, addiction tendency control.

⦿ Mind: control of phobias, exercise of the mind, transmission of feelings, self-acceptance, voluntary isolation, resistance to stress, positivism.

2. Psychogenic variables:

⦿ Cognitive: concentration, perseverance, self-control, foresight, patience, meticulousness, self-confidence, analytical skills, self-criticism.
⦿ Emotional: passion and enthusiasm, tolerance for frustration, competitiveness, teamwork, creativity, ambition, dynamism, cunning, daring.

3. Sports affinities:

⦿ Individual Sports
⦿ Team sports
⦿ Associative sports

4. Recommendations.

This is not a definitive test! You can repeat it after you have implemented a development plan to assess your progress towards success.

Early warning alternative

The early warning indicators in terms of probability are based on the algorithmic triangulation provided by their responses, their estimated behavioral model and the general symptomatic descriptions. It is not an early clinical diagnosis.

These results will help you get to know yourself better and thus establish healthy preventive routines. In case of doubt or for situations that concern you, you should go to a doctor who is an expert in psychiatry, clinical psychology or neurology, since they are the professionals who can help you.

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