Never before has Artificial Intelligence replicated the neurotransmitter model of people

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Never before has Artificial Intelligence replicated the neurotransmitter model of people

An investigation of the Spanish company Jacobson supposes the biggest advance in the predictive and precise measurement of emotions: a time jump of almost 100 years in terms of behavior. Never, until now, has artificial intelligence replicated the neurotransmitter model of people. With this, a time jump of almost 100 years has been made in terms of precise measurement of behavior.


This is the result of an investigation made by the Spanish company Jacobson that began in 2011, coinciding with its activity in the Biocampus Genoma España and that, today, represents the greatest advance in the predictive and precise measurement of emotions. Their secret? An algorithm that sequences more than 36.9 billion data per second, combining psychological premises with the activity of different neurotransmitters. Their name? eDNA.

The investigation

In this development have been executed test in more than 600,000 individuals from different countries of the world, based on numerous scientific investigations that relate the behavior with the neurotransmitter activity and its molecular bases. Among them, investigations of Nobel Awards in medicine such as Eric Kandel, who has developed the concept “the biology of mind” and of scientific such as the Canadian psychiatrist Eric Bernestein, the professor of Molecular Psychology at UIm University in Germany, Christian Montag; or the professor in Psychology at Bonn University in Germany, Martin Reuter, among others.


From its beginnings, this algorithm has demonstrated a huge spectrum of application by associating to applications bases in AI. In 2018, was internationally awarded for the setting of early warning in Alzheimer disease, where it obtained a precision of 97%. In 2019 was recognized worldwide as one of the “4 robots”, equipped with artificial intelligence, more effective in the recruitment processes. Currently, this technology is being used to set an early alarm in the Parkinson disease.

The direct relationship between a neurotransmitter and a behavior does not exist

The investigators Reuter and Montag had mentioned that “everything that we learn and feel, as well as how we relate to our surroundings (environment), is dependent on the neurotransmitter systems”. If we consider that this condition was unknown in the big psychological explosion of the XX century, seem easy to understand that the measurements do in that time did not appreciate the synaptic activity as precursor to behavior. In this way, even today, we continue to accumulate deviations in the determination of behavior by employing tests and applications based on premises already overcome.


This exclusive IA has only begun to give his results. Thanks to its use, we know that the direct relationship between a neurotransmitter and a behavior does not exist at all. In reality, it is the repercussion of a neurotransmitter combination that marks the behavior, being nuanced and influenced by non-dominant neurotransmitters that until now went totally unnoticed. So, thinking that oxytocin is the molecule of generosity or that dopamine is the molecule of happiness are more “popular sayings” than scientific claims.


In addition to its constant health development, the company that owns this algorithm (Jacobson) has focused on the business sector, and more specifically, on the areas of organization, recruitment, talent management and human resources.

To conclude

Currently, you can know what a person will be able to do, or what challenge to overcome, without basing ourselves on what they have done before. This predictive view, which omits observation, allows posing achievable challenges for all types of individuals, thus eliminating large rates of anxiety and frustration. This technology puts an end to ageism, prejudices, discrimination, the dictatorship of the academic degree and the assumptions when describing a person regarding recruitment processes or the multiple actions to be developed in corporations.


With eDNA technology, we leave behind imprecision and subjectivity in measuring emotional behavior. We will have to get used to the fact that “people measure people”, it is not the best option.

Information taken from: @mundiario


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