Test para deportistas de alto rendimiento

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Individual Development Plan

The Individual Development plan includes 4 tests in which you pay 3 and receive 4. You can schedule each test throughout the year and evaluate your results and evolution in sports skills or disciplines.

Individual Development Plan fee: $540 USD

1. Natural predisposition to healthy habits:

⦿ Body: timing, reflexes, agility, nutritional order, preventive self-care, violence tendency control, addiction tendency control.

⦿ Mind: control of phobias, exercise of the mind, transmission of feelings, self-acceptance, voluntary isolation, resistance to stress, positivism.

2. Psychogenic variables:

⦿ Cognitive: concentration, perseverance, self-control, foresight, patience, meticulousness, self-confidence, analytical skills, self-criticism.
⦿ Emotional: passion and enthusiasm, tolerance for frustration, competitiveness, teamwork, creativity, ambition, dynamism, cunning, daring.

3. Sports affinities:

⦿ Individual Sports
⦿ Team sports
⦿ Associative sports

4. Recommendations.

This is not a definitive test! You can repeat it after you have implemented a development plan to assess your progress towards success.


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