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eDNA® Skills Test

Health, emotional well-being and sport abilities

Unique test that uses eDNA algorithmic technology to increase the levels of well-being and psychical and emotional health, that allows answering the following questions: how am I? Which are my talents and abilities to realize any type of physical activity?


We can offer recommendations to increase the client’s life quality and suggest more accurate physical activities according to their psychogenic traits.

The reliability rate of our DNA results is

eDNA® Skills Test

Test characteristics:

3E3A9053 (1)-min

eDNA® Skills Test

Angelica Castañeda

Psychologist specialized in Human Development with 17 years of experience in assessment of competencies, professional development and increase of natural potential, to find an emotional, physical and mental balance.

Professional in Psychology in 2006

Specialist in human processes and organizational development 2015

Certified experience in development and culture

Owner - CEO eDNA health and skills 2022

eDNA® Skills Test

Elías Azulay Tapiero

The measuring instrument in eDNA® SKILLS TEST is led by the researcher from the Innovation Chair at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), professor at the Ramón y Cajal Institute for Health Research (IRyCIS) and professor at the Biocampus Genoma España, Elías Azulay.


Degree in Management and Business Administration. MBA from the Higher School of Marketing Studies and Master in Commercial Management.


Collaborating researcher at the World Happiness Foundation.

2018 Early Warning Award in Alzheimer.

AEDEM Award for Early Warning Determination of Alzheimer's Disease through the eDNA algorithm.

Collaborating researcher at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM).

Collaborating Researcher in behavioral measurement projects at the University of Alcalá de Henares.

Teaching professor at the Ramón y Cajal Institute for Health Research.

Elias Azulay Test de ADN Emocional

Our Process

How we do it?

We use the eDNA algorithmic technology

that replicate the synaptic model and generate a code or persotype that governs our behavior; once deciphered, all the factors related to the natural predispositions of body and mind, the cognitive – emotional variables, that determine the sportive affinity and the guidelines to follow for achieving the maximum degree of physical and emotional health are measured and analyzed. The cognitive and emotional characteristics of an individual obey their genetic expression and their environment adaptation, this determines the combine production and release of different neurotransmitter that govern the behavior. The Azuley Bernstein Test include the molecular biology (synaptic model) with psychology. The measurement instrument is led by the researcher of the Innovation professorship of the Polytechnical University of Valencia (Spain) professor of the Institute Ramón y Cajal of Sanitary Investigation (IRyCIS) and professor of the Genome Biocampus Spain, Elías Azulay.

¿How is the report?

The report has the following sections: Natural predisposition to healthy habits Body: synchronization, reflexes, agility, nutritional order, preventive self-care, control of tendency to violence, control of tendency to addiction. Psychogenic Variables: Mind: control of phobias, exercise of the mind, transmission of feelings, self-acceptance, voluntary isolation, resistance to stress, positivism. Cognitive: concentration, perseverance, self-control, foresight, patience, meticulousness, self-confidence, capacity for analysis, self-criticism. Emotional: passion and enthusiasm, tolerance to frustration, competitiveness, teamwork, creativity, ambition, dynamism, cleverness, daring. Sport Affinities: Individual Sports Collective sports Associative sports Recommendations


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